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Bellillo is the first English based Napoletana Pizzeria that has a different philosophy to the rest, making our pizza one of a kind.


We constantly research and experiment with our flour, in order to create a light, fragrant and tasty dough. The method doesn’t follow fixed rules or secrets, it’s only the result of the right mix of fundamental Pizza ingredients.


Associating excellent products to an artisan recipe composed of water, flour, yeast and salt, makes our idea more than a project. It’s a real mission that is making our traditional products recognised among all our customers.


The word “Bellillo”, originated from the Neapolitan dialect, means “cute”. Our name comes from a real funny story. Searching for it wasn’t easy, considering that we wanted to find a name that reflects our southern culture but even more, that could be easy to read, pronunce and above all, remember. Taken this in consideration, we kept repeating to ourselves: “Amma truva' nu nom bellill!!” (“we should find a cute name”). We were looking for a cute name but we were not able to find it until we started focusing on the actual word “bellillo”!  Why not?


Bellillo’s Pizza is a result of Research, Tradition and Passion.


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