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Since decades, the territory of Paternopoli, with its tiny Avelllino’s village, is very well renowned for its horticultural cultivation. This fame is due to fertility and numerous sources of water. Partenopoli’s gardens were popular for their variety and the quality of the vegetables in the whole Irpinia. Among all, the famous “spring broccolo”, named “aprilatico”, has a dark intense green colour and its roots are crispy if raw or juicy and tasty after being cooked.


The organic process is very long. The farmers seed, at the end of summer, a small section of the ground from which they obtain small plants that they will transplant before the winter’s cold arrives. The collection will only happen after Spring, exclusively by hand, from the end of March until mid May (if the season permits it). After the earthquake, most of the population abandoned the farmer job. Today the “broccolo apriliatico” assembles only four producers and therefore it remains an icon of the horticultural cultivation in the village that the for long is unfogettable and still deeply routed in the communal territory.


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