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Cultivation takes place predominantly in the agro sarnese-nocerino, especially in the area of Sarno (SA), where clay-rich soils and abundant spring water of Sarno make these the best land in the world to grow San Marzano tomato. Cultivation techniques are handed down from father to son for hundreds of years. The processing is carried out in a craft, using a typical cooking system called a “water bath” (bagnomaria). This firing has to cook more slowly than an industrial production process, while maintaining the typical organoleptic consistency which is that of San Marzano tomato; the cooling of the tins is made in a natural way using spring water.


The presence of a number of concomitant factors such as: the mediterranean climate, extremely fertile and excellent structured soil and the skill and experience gained by the farmers of the area of production over the decades, has contributed to its success in the world. It was crowned in 1996 by the European Union recognition as D.O.P.


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